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It’s helpful to have a couple doctors in the family!  Imagine your family’s vision care needs from glasses to glaucoma completely taken care of with a family member you trust.  Dr. Ira Diskin is a Therapeutic Optometrist that has been devoted to patients in San Antonio for over 20 years. His son Dr. Maury Diskin, a Therapeutic Optometrist and Glaucoma Specialist, continues the family tradition by seeing patients at the clinic and eyewear boutique at Today’s Eyes.

Dr. Ira Diskin

Ira Diskin, has been practicing optometry since August, 1974. He completed his undergraduate degree at The University of Texas at Austin and his doctorate at The University of Houston College of Optometry. Dr. Diskin practiced in Houston for seventeen years. In 1992, Dr. Diskin moved his practice to North Star Mall in San Antonio and then opened Today’s Eyes in the Alamo Quarry Market in 2003. Dr. Diskin takes special interest in all of his patients by taking whatever time is necessary to make sure everyone receives the care they need. He pays particular attention to special contact lens fits and special needs in glasses. Dr. Diskin enjoys working with people and learning more about them than just their eye care needs. Over the years, he has developed close relationships with many of his patients and looks forward to seeing them each year to catch up on what has been happening in their lives.

Therapeutic Optometrist

Dr. Maury Diskin

Therapeutic Optometrist Optometric Glaucoma Specialist.

Maury Diskin, a Therapeutic Optometrist and Glaucoma Specialist, shares his father’s interest and concern for each of his patients. Maury went to high school in San Antonio and, like his father, obtained his undergraduate degree from University of Texas at Austin.  After graduating from University of Houston School of Optometry in 2005, he practiced as an Optometrist in Houston for five years. On May 24, 2010, Maury returned to San Antonio to join his father in the independent family owned business, Today’s Eyes. Maury carries on the tradition of exceptional levels of service and care at Today’s Eyes started by Dr. Ira Diskin


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